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Core Values


Doing the right things and doing things right.


Returning to the essence of things, avoiding haste for better outcomes.


Sharing, caring, and creating together.


Continuous learning, keeping up with the times, fostering a virtuous cycle.


Being honest and upright, fulfilling promises.


Never giving up, staying optimistic and positive.

Invest in
The Future


Established in 2023, Longhill Holdings is an equity investment holding company committed to discovering and creating value.

As a global visionary long-term value investor, our name "Longhill" symbolizes the rolling snowball effect, where the wet snowball grows bigger as it rolls down a long snowy hill. We firmly adhere to the philosophy of long-term investments, conducting ourselves with integrity, and maintaining a steady approach towards market fluctuations. We are unwavering in our investment strategies and avoid short-term speculation. Our investment decisions are based on thorough bottom-up research, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of the business models, management capabilities, and industry prospects of the companies we invest in.

We strongly believe that exceptional companies should possess sustainable competitive business models and exceptional corporate cultures. Hence, we continuously seek enterprises with enduring competitive advantages and growth potential. Through long-term holdings in these companies, which generate consistent cash flow, we grow together with them. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Longhill Holdings. We are committed to staying true to our original aspirations, proceeding with prudence, and striving to create sustainable growth for our shareholders while actively giving back to society.


Zhang Jialong

Zhang Jialong is one of the key founders of Longhill Holdings and currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Board, overseeing the overall strategic planning, investment management, and developmental positioning of the company. Longhill Holdings is a company dedicated to value investing. Before establishing Longhill Holdings, Zhang Jialong worked at CHONG WA (Macau) Financial Asset Exchange Co. LTD and had the privilege of participating in the inaugural issuance of RMB bonds by the Chinese Ministry of Finance in Macao in 2019.


Zhang Jialong pursued his Master's degree in Finance and Management from the University of Sydney in Australia. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the Hult International Business School in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he attended Columbia University's Advanced Value Investing course and earned the corresponding certificate.


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Vision and Mission

Vision: To continuously create value and become a healthier and more enduring world-class enterprise, contributing to social progress and development.

Mission: We are committed to creating sustainable long-term compounded growth.

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